President of TLG: Don’t see digital transformation as a fashion trend!

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Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thien Long Group Joint Stock Company (TLG), Mr. Ms. Gia Tho, made the above comment when talking about the strategy in business digital transformation at the talkshow coordinated by Mr. Le Nguyen Hong Phuong, Chairman of BIT Group.

Sharing at the talkshow “Leadership and strategy of “breaking” in digital transformation”, Mr. Tho said that “breaking” means changing and innovating. In digital transformation, businesses need to boldly accept challenges and “break” old ones that are no longer fashionable. According to him, it is better not to do it, but when you do, you must have a clear mind. Enterprises must figure out what digital transformation is for and ultimately help their businesses optimize and be more efficient in specific aspects of their operations.

If you think that digital transformation is a trendy decision, a trend like fashion, you need to break that thought immediately. “Don’t follow the trendy thinking, whatever you do for the sake of being trendy, it’s going to end soon,” said Mr. Co Gia Tho.

On the other hand, the approach to “digital transformation” by technology also needs to be broken. According to Mr. Tho, the right approach is to go from the goal, such as using technology to become smarter in decision making. Unless the business is a technology company, the rest according to Mr. Tho: “Technology was born to serve business goals, not a goal in itself”.

In addition, it is necessary to break the intention of using digital transformation to create a complex and monumental technology demonstration for users. Tho noted that people stand above technology and use technology. Therefore, businesses need to be Business Leaders, not Data Readers or Tech Followers.

After more than 40 years of establishment and development, TLG is always aware, timely innovating, undergoing many transformations to become one of the stationery companies with high revenue growth. With his experience, Mr. Tho believes that success does not come only with an effective strategy but also depends on the mindset of the leader. TLG is taking important directions in the application of digital transformation, starting from changing leadership thinking, building corporate culture, and focusing on generational transfer to implement the “break” strategy in the new era. renewal period.

When asked how the role of the leader affects the business in the new period with a lot of changes, Mr. Tho said that changes make an impact but its influence is not too great.

The biggest influence lies within the ego of each leader, facing difficulties and challenges, whether they have the courage to overcome it or not. Therefore, not only Mr. Tho, but all leaders of Thien Long Group have a very high spirit of “ownership” and “leadership”. They lower their ego because in the end, they don’t want to stay in a safe zone forever but have to rise up and face difficult challenges to contribute and build Thien Long Group to be stronger and more developed.

In addition, in the talkshow, Mr. Tho also shared Thien Long’s 40-year journey and how Thien Long overcame the pandemic. Tho believes that after going through many stages of the process of more than 40 years of operation, continuously transforming the model from a small production facility, developing to a complex, establishing a limited liability company, a joint stock company. , and listed on the stock exchange…, Thien Long has learned from that process and grown. Experiencing the period of economic renewal, there was adaptation to many changes, so even though the epidemic is causing difficulties, Thien Long has also quickly adapted.

Currently, stationery businesses are facing many challenges in the context that the general market of the industry tends to decrease in use due to increasingly developing digital technology,

However, according to Mr. Tho, this industry in the world is still growing. Particularly, TLG in Vietnam has grown more than other countries. In addition, not until the end of growth and then transformation, Thien Long soon restructured to change the business model to be more suitable.

In addition,  TLG currently has a large fund to invest. TLG looks at a startup or a business raising capital with their own value to the community and the value that is compatible with the company’s ecosystem. According to Mr. Tho, any young startup or business with breakthrough ideas and products with a vision, mission and community values ​​that are compatible with TLG’s investment ecosystem, please go to TLG. . “From investment, capital contribution to technical support, technology, commercial capacity or becoming your big customer… all are open,” Mr. Tho said.

The online talkshow “Leadership and strategy to “break” in digital transformation on December 1 was organized by the Vietnam Youth Union, Saigon Economy, Saigon Times Club, Ho Chi Minh City Young Entrepreneurs Association (YBA HCM) and BIT The Group coordinates the organization with the desire to answer questions and find directions for businesses. The talkshow attracted more than 1,200 spectators who are owners of small and medium-sized businesses, heads of departments and divisions interested in applying the “breaking” strategy in businesses and implementing digital transformation for business. effective during and after translation.

Source: KTSG