Branding is as diverse as life itself

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Brands are representative of everything a business does and everywhere they appear. Therefore, the brand can tell a story about the business and spread it with product quality or leadership value.

Recognizing that brands are invaluable assets, businesses all try to build and protect in many different ways. Through the stories of businesses, it can be seen that the branding story may be different, but the spirit and aspiration to develop are similar. Let’s listen to insiders’ views on the business’ branding strategy in the current context.

King Coffee’s high-level start-up story

King Coffee is a new page in Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao’s 20-year business career as General Director of TNI Co., Ltd. The story of King Coffee brand building also started in a relatively special way: building from abroad before returning to the country.

According to Ms. Diep Thao, with this reverse process, businesses want to save the best coffee for their country. Once oriented to the highest quality standards to conquer the international market, it will develop sustainably, in any market. If she considers the construction of King Coffee as her second start-up, this will be a high-level startup project with great challenges.

“I chose the long-standing cultural background of Vietnam as the starting point and breathed the Vietnamese soul into the King Coffee coffee brand. With the right brand, the right way of development to communicate with the world, I believe that consumers from all over the world will support King Coffee and Vietnamese coffee,” Thao said.

The Covid-19 epidemic broke out around the world, disrupting the global supply chain. In this situation, King Coffee has linked with organizations and individuals that have networks in many countries around the world, but are having difficulty in source of goods, so that they can become distribution agents. Thanks to that, in just a few short months, King Coffee has expanded its market from 61 countries to more than 120 countries, helping to grow the international market in 2020 up to 200%.

The story of King Coffee’s efforts to flexibly rotate to maintain and develop the international brand is inspiring.

Ms. Le Hoang Diep Thao said that, in a way, the Ho Chi Minh City Gold Brand is not only an award but also symbolizes the companionship of Ho Chi Minh City with businesses with positive values. This is the motivation for businesses to continue to maintain the energy source for building a sustainable Vietnamese brand in the current challenging context. She hopes that, through this award, positive energy will be spread so that many brands can confidently overcome all challenges.

The story of keeping the brand pure of Ba Huan

Starting a successful brand building business to make an impression is difficult, maintaining the pure value that the brand creates is also not easy. The story of the brand Ba Huan Co., Ltd. may be the truest example.

About the inspirational startup story, or the brand mark of Ba Huan brand, has probably been mentioned a lot in the media. However, the collapse of the cooperation deal with a financial investment fund in 2018 is the most memorable highlight in the development history of this business.

Ms. Pham Thi Huan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ba Huan Company honestly shared, it is a large fund, they will guide a family company like Ba Huan better in terms of market, technology and management. But the main point that makes this deal fall apart is that after three years of investment, the fund will sell Ba Huan to a third party.

“My whole family has built the profession of selling eggs for half a century with enthusiasm. If sold, the family and many others will lose a brand. Every decision has a price to pay. But family still has a great meaning. My family is the fulcrum for me to retain a brand for the domestic poultry industry,” said Ms. Huan.

Ms. Huan said that it is the most meaningful thing to keep the brand name to actively support the community.

For example, during the recent Covid-19 period, Ba Huan refused to increase the price of eggs despite the permission of the Department of Industry and Trade. The production chain of Ba Huan Company is not interrupted thanks to 60% of self-breeding products and 40% of consumption. So, in the past, when participating in stabilization programs, businesses have never run out of goods.

With the Golden Brand Award in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Huan said that this is the companion and empathy of Ho Chi Minh City with the efforts of the business. The award recognizes branding as not just a story about building a slogan or logo…, it’s an inspirational story. From there, for customers to feel, understand and act with the development of the business. At the same time, optimize the image value of the business and, more importantly, sharpen the long-established brand value of Ho Chi Minh City.

Colusa-Miliket and the enduring vitality of the niche

The story of entering the niche of Colusa-Miliket Food Joint Stock Company is a typical example of the diversity in brand development strategies of businesses.

During the last two decades of the 20th century, Miliket shrimp noodles dominated almost the entire instant noodle market in Vietnam. But this peak was soon “threatened” when consumers tend to “premium”, prefer novelty. Faced with competitive challenges, this brand is looking for a niche market to develop.

According to a representative of Miliket, the company focuses on low-class consumers, workers. At the same time, aiming at a market segment that has not been touched by any big man, that is instead of straining himself

Source: KTSG