Strong businesses will contribute to building “Ho Chi Minh City brand”

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Starting a business in a difficult period in the 1990s with the initial goal of supplying cloth to Vietnamese people, saving foreign currency for the country, after nearly 30 years of development, Thai Tuan has become one of the most famous brands in Vietnam. fashion familiar to Vietnamese people and exporting textiles to many countries.

Saigon Economy had a conversation with Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Thai Tuan Group Joint Stock Company about the journey to build the brand of the business after the company was just awarded the title of Trademark. Ho Chi Minh City Gold Brand.

Congratulations to Thai Tuan Group Joint Stock Company for winning the title of Ho Chi Minh City Golden Brand held for the first time. Can you share a bit about the feelings of the head of the business when receiving this honor and recognition?

– Mr. Tran Hoai Nam:  Thai Tuan Group is honored and proud to be one of the enterprises that won the Ho Chi Minh City Gold Brand Award. Receiving this award is a great encouragement for Thai Tuan, an encouragement for us to continue to develop further, worthy of the recognition of consumers in Ho Chi Minh City in particular as well as the country in general.

This is also the motivation for us to continue to grow stronger in Vietnam, as well as to integrate globally, together with other businesses to contribute to building the Ho Chi Minh City Brand.

Thai Tuan
 Mr. Tran Hoai Nam, Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Director of Thai Tuan Fashion Group Joint Stock Company (middle) at the ceremony to receive the title of Golden Brand of Ho Chi Minh City.

Thai Tuan’s mission clearly states that: “Honoring women’s beauty through fashion products, contributing to building national brands”, so far, how do you evaluate this “progress” and mission? What successes has this achieved?

– I think that up to now, Thai Tuan has been in the process of perfecting and developing the mission of “Honoring women’s beauty through fashion products, contributing to building national brands”. Thai Tuan’s specific activities can be clearly seen such as sponsoring contests to honor the beauty of women: Miss Vietnam 2016, “Finding the face of a female student in Ao Dai” for many years, Thuy Nga – Paris by Night from 106 to 130, through elegant but no less luxurious traditional costumes.

Besides, Thai Tuan always increases investment in production activities with modern technology, innovation and creative research to create new and different products, expand value-added services. meet the increasing needs of consumers such as antibacterial features, scented fabrics, or products combined with handmade to honor the beauty of women.

When many people think of Thai Tuan, they immediately think of Ao Dai. Do you think so and why? Ao Dai is the main product that makes up Thai Tuan’s “brand”?

– Ao Dai is the main product of Thai Tuan in the domestic market. In addition to Ao Dai fabric, Thai Tuan also provides many specialized export fabrics for each specific market, along with other products and services such as tailoring, suits, scarves, ties, tailoring. available.

Over the past 28 years of establishment and development, Thai Tuan has always made constant efforts and has reaped many achievements in terms of business, because Thai Tuan’s products are strictly controlled according to the international quality management system. ISO 9000, 5S. For many years in a row, Thai Tuan has been honored with many prestigious awards, especially the Government’s Commendation Medal – Second Class Labor Medal.

In which countries and territories are Thai Tuan’s products available and what are those products?

– In addition to the main market of Vietnam, Thai Tuan also develops international markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, America and South America, etc.

Thai Tuan 8
 Wedding dress, one of the collections of designer Viet Hung made with Thai Tuan fabric.

In each market, Thai Tuan offers distinct products that are different depending on the needs and culture of each region. For example, in the Middle East, we mainly supply products to Muslim customers, European and American customers have a modern fashion style, etc.

In the process of building and developing, which memory or story do you remember most related to your company’s brand?

– The most memorable impression is that in 1998, Thai Tuan confidently decided to print the company’s logo on the fabric border to affirm the brand and quality with consumers. That was the opening turning point for domestic enterprises to boldly print Vietnamese brands on the fabric border, contributing to promoting the movement of building Vietnamese brands “Vietnamese people use Vietnamese goods”.

This is also the biggest mark in the process of building Thai Tuan’s brand and is a premise for Thai Tuan to continue investing in building a stronger Vietnamese brand, accompanying many national and international events. bringing Thai Tuan to develop, becoming one of Vietnam’s leading strong brands in the fashion fabric industry, and at the same time contributing to building the national brand.

As an entrepreneur, in your opinion, what is the difficulty of a Vietnamese enterprise in the face of domestic and foreign competition?

– Thai Tuan always wants to bring consumers the most perfect experience when using our products. To bring quality products to consumers often comes with difficulties and challenges for every business.

Currently on the market, there are a number of private businesses that use Thai Tuan’s plain fabric with Thai Tuan logo to print patterns using conventional technology. This not only causes confusion for consumers, not only affects the reputation of Thai Tuan brand but also affects the direct interests of consumers. Thai Tuan has also communicated signs of identifying genuine Thai Tuan printed fabrics to consumers, hoping that customers can distinguish and buy the right genuine products.

On the other hand, Vietnam is in the phase of integration into the economy of the region and the world, Vietnamese businesses have to face companies and corporations with abundant financial potential, production technology, etc. modern. Therefore, Thai Tuan is constantly expanding the scale of production capacity in the direction of modern technology, automation, application of 4.0 technology, environmentally friendly production, etc.

In the 4.0 era, what are Thai Tuan’s ways of branding? What role does the press play in brand development in particular and the development of businesses in general?

– In recent times, the term “industrial revolution 4.0” (Industry 4.0) has been mentioned a lot. This process is taking place strongly globally, greatly affecting the operations and competitive advantages of businesses, organizations and governments, including Vietnam. Industry 4.0 brings a drastic change in the structure of human resources, and machines will take on many job positions that require human minds and hands. Therefore, Thai Tuan had to change the way the brand was created, communicated and protected.

Brand building is not just an advertisement or a communication activity, Thai Tuan also pays attention to the elements of product value, service and interaction with customers. In addition, Thai Tuan also builds a brand strategy based on the differences from products with many different features, bringing new values ​​to customers.

In addition, along with branding for businesses, volunteering activities, sharing hands for the community are also always concerned, helping the brand get closer to customers.

The digitization of the brand helps Thai Tuan promote the improvement of corporate governance, upgrade production and business activities in traditional channels. At the same time, develop new distribution, retail and customer interaction channels digitally.

In order to implement brand building, businesses must accept change and have a change roadmap suitable to the size of the company as well as the needs of customers.

And make sure that in the process of business development, none other than the press is always a friend to stick with, accompany and support businesses on the way to brand development.

After winning the Gold Brand, can you share about Thai Tuan’s plans in the near future about using this title?

– The award is directly directed by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, organized by the Saigon Department of Industry and Trade and Economy, is a prestigious and very high quality award. This award is a great source of encouragement, an encouragement for us, together with other businesses, to become the leading birds in global integration, contributing to building the Ho Chi Minh City Brand.

Thai Tuan will invest in and join the “Global Textile and Garment Supply” chain, increase investment in research and innovation activities to create new and different products, and expand value-added services.

Source: KTSG