The ‘ten gold compresses’ of 2021 are full of hardships

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On the evening of January 6, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City will hold a ceremony to honor the businesses that have won the “Golden Brand of Ho Chi Minh City for the second time in 2021”. According to experts, these are really “ten gold compresses” that have been tempered after a fierce year because of the pandemic.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngoc, Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade

The “Ho Chi Minh City Golden Brand” award is an annual award, starting from 2020, organized by the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City and assigned to the Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with the “Saigon Economic Review” to implement.

The objective of the award is to honor local businesses that have made great efforts and successes in product branding; raising awareness of enterprises about the role and importance of brand building and development associated with developing the competitiveness of enterprises.

Through the award, the city wants to create a driving force to encourage businesses to actively innovate, create and develop sustainably, contributing to improving the competitive advantage of the city’s business brand in the domestic and international markets. economic.

The 2021 awards are held in a very special context as the outbreak has a profound impact on society and the economy, most businesses face difficulties. Therefore, the Department of Industry and Trade has actively invited and encouraged businesses to participate in order to honor worthy faces after a year of facing unprecedented challenges.

During the scoring meeting, there was a question about the number of applications this year was less than last year but this is understandable because 2021 is a very difficult year. I think that the number of industries participating in the awards can reflect the economy of Ho Chi Minh City. Almost all the main economic sectors of the city such as services, manufacturing, real estate, industry… have enterprises involved.

In order to select worthy faces, along with the voting results of the Voting Council, the Organizing Committee’s assisting team also sent documents to the Tax Department of Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the social insurance agency. Association to check the compliance with policies and laws of enterprises.

Mr. Tran Hoang, President of Vietnam Marketing Association

The criteria of the “2nd Ho Chi Minh City Gold Brand in 2021” are real challenges for participating businesses. Therefore, it can be said that the achievement of this award is an achievement, showing that the enterprise has overcome difficulties in the business process.

At this time, although it is not possible to announce the winners, looking at the list of participating businesses can feel more deeply the spirit and efforts of the business community. We highly appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism of businesses in extremely difficult and challenging circumstances because of the epidemic like last year. The top enterprises voted by the Council are very deserving.

We hope that, through this award, we can help businesses improve their product and service processes and make strategic investments for sustainable development.

As I said above, because the criteria of the gold brand award is really very challenging, covering business issues, human resource policy, brand management … requires businesses to be very difficult new Therefore, it is necessary to digitize these results to create a database for other businesses to refer to.

Mr. Tran Ha Minh Quan, Director of ISB Institute, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

As a member of the Voting Council for two consecutive years, I find that in terms of quality, there is no difference between businesses participating in this award and the first one in 2020. Brands are scored. are all brands that have made their mark, from scale to brand image in the hearts of consumers.

Based on the goal of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee when organizing this award, which is to create a guarantee for the reputation of the business, and through the business’ brand to contribute to the common value of the Ho Chi Minh brand, this is true. faces that deserve recognition and deserve awards.

I think that, along with businesses that have overcome difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic, the winners this time are the ones that have the motivation and confidence to build their brands in the harsh conditions of the market. ensure the sustainable development of the company and help the economy of Ho Chi Minh City maintain its leading position in the country.

After two years of successful organization, we expect that in the third time, the award will have a further breakthrough. In particular, it will open up opportunities for many new businesses, those that do not have enough depth in the market but have remarkable successes.

Mr. Tran Minh Hung, Editor-in-Chief of Saigon Economic Review

The 2nd Ho Chi Minh City Golden Brand Award 2021” took place in a special, extremely difficult context when the Covid-19 epidemic was prolonged and complicated, but we received the attention from many businesses. Through the very complete and serious set of dossiers participating in the tournament, the number of invalid dossiers being eliminated is very small.

A special thing of this year’s award is that along with many typical manufacturing and service industries of the city, there are also a number of hospitals. This is also quite understandable, because in the past year of Covid-19, these are very active places

Source: KTSG